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Hello friends, I am a fan of Paella . Of course, the very best paella in the world is in Valencia, but I can say in Navarra we do it as well as Valencia, Mallorca even Gandía, I think.
You have noticed that I'm writing in Valtierran English, so I'm afraid that you will not understand all the things I write. Anyway, let's go!
I post this message because once upon a time, I went with my parents-in-law (pa&ma of my wife) to Sant Jean de Luz, in the south of France. It was a very beautiful village, with a big dock and a cool streets.
However, more or less at 2 o'clock we were hungry, so we went to a restaurant and we ordered a paella. 20 minutes later-how the cánones order-our paella was on the table. We sniffed and yum!, we started. Big mussels, clams, prawns.... It was very good! But the fun was over in a few minutes, because we had ordered a seafood paella, and we found in the middle of the rice a lot of chorizo (spanish sausage). What? Comor? In a seafood paella you can't find any meat, my God.
So this, I have decided tell you the Real Recipe of Seafood Paella, as I do at home at Sunday every week.

Ingredients for 4 people:

- Rice (white round if possible)
- Water
- Garlic
- Prawns
- Octopus (ejem, Squids-thank you, Collins pocket)
- Clams
- Onion
- Red fresh pepper
- Green fresh pepper
- Lemon
- Olive oil (necessary, sunflower or others forbidden). If extra virgin olive oil, best that best.
At first, heat a paellera (recipient for cooking paella) with the oil, more or less 100 ml. When it is warm, add one onion, 2 garlic, 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper, all in small pieces. A few minutes later, all is fried, so add 4 little cups full of rice, and remove all 3 or 4 minutes.
Previously, boil the prawns and squids in 4x3=12 cups full of water, and reserve the water apart.
With clams, just clean it well with salted water, and after boil them in a bit of water with a bit of white wine. Reserve.
Then, add in the paellera the water, the squids and the prawns, but careful, you must filter the water very well. More or less, 1 part of rice means 3 parts of water, so if you haven't enough, get water anywhere. And add the clams too.
Remove all the ingredients, get up temperature, add a bit of salt (as you like), and wait until all start boiling.
Then, get down temperature, until soft boiling starts in the surface of the water, and wait about 20-25 minutes. Retire the paellera from fire, cover it with a piece of cloth, and wait again 10 minutes. Get out the cloth, cut in slices the lemon and put them on the surface of rice with hard part up.
Serve at medium temperature and removing a bit at the same time.

NOTE: this is the basic line of recipe, you can add any seafood you like, as mussels (I don't recommend you), nécoras (spanish crabs) or another expensive things. But the know-how is basicly the same.

This recipe is dedicated for all the foreigners that visit our country at summer, and they continue thinking that paella is a kind of concrete with rice parts. No sir, no monsieur, no fraulein. If you taste a very good paella, you have tasted one of the best recipe in the world, but you aren't going to find it in a bad death chiringuito, you have to look for this in a good restaurant, sometimes cheaper than a chiringuito. Try in the centre of the village, sea seeing is not necessary to eat a good paella. A trick: look at the tables of the restaurant. If you see spanish people, you will eat very well . If you don't, keep looking for. Good luck!

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